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The Workplace vision 510 Church Street, Cremorne

The nature of business and work has changed forever.
The vision for 510 Church Street is for a building that Is focused on the future, with a new space and amenity offer for the next generation of user. The unique site and location is ideal for individuals and teams in a locale that is quickly becoming Melbourne’s most desirable place to be. The new architectural typology is designed from the inside out and is a product of its site and the demands of future inhabitants – not transposed from the CBD or Business Park.

“510 Church Street is a building that supports dynamic teams to work effectively and attracts the knowledge worker of the future."

Smart Building

Smart Tenancy

The creation of a Smart Building is driven by the current and future needs of tenants that require the building owner to adopt a holistic & integrated design approach.
A Smart Building design affects the way in wich building engineering services are designed, installed & commissioned in an arrangement that will provide long term operational benefit for tenants and building managers.
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10 Key Technology Concepts

510 Church Street aims to be attractive to tenants in the technology sector who are looking for an innovative, flexible workspace environment to attract and retain the best talent.

510 Church Street is designed to best accommodate the inevitable changes that will occur in technology over time. The fundamentals of the approach is to ensure that a common integrated communications network (ICN) provides a flexible backbone that can be used to accommodate a range of current and future IP based technologies.

Smart Building

"A building that integrates technology and process to create a facility that is safer, more comfortable and productive for occupants and more operationally efficient for its owners." Smart Buildings are the result of a specific design process that ensures that open standards, open systems and industry standard protocols are used to achieve maximum flexibility in design and operations. Smart Buildings will vary in their character and technologies used depending upon the project objectives.

Smart Lighting
Building information dashboard
Security & people counting
Smart building app & digital wayfinding
Carpack & bicycle management
HVAC Feedback
Integrated Communications Network (LCN)
Public WI-FI
& Mobility Infrastructure
& Sensing